Welcome to Tyre Parks

Tyre Parks are fixed outdoor play provisions that are affordable, quality, safe and offer a range of creative and physical activity.

Our unique service allows a Tyre Park to be placed in areas of limited space, either on grass or on a playground, in any design, therefore we allow maximum flexibility while remaining very affordable.

There are more than 3000 Tyre Parks in schools across the UK. If you would like to know more then please contact us.

Tyre Park Benefits

  • Allows each child a broad range of physical activity.
  • Each park is tailor made and can be installed in schools with limited space.
  • Meets Healthy Schools Standards criteria.
  • Simple and non-intrusive expert installation with virtually no maintenance.

"Fast, efficient and friendly staff who installed the equipment."
Mrs Kahn, Fred Nicholson School, Norwich

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