Tyre Parks


There are more than 3000 Tyre Parks in schools across the UK.  Tyre Parks are fixed outdoor play provisions that are affordable, of high quality, safe and offer a range of creative and physical activity.

  • Affords each child a broad range of physical activity, assists with balance, co-ordination and increases confidence
  • Each of our Tyre Parks are tailor made and can be installed in areas with very limited space
  • Can be installed either on a grassed area or onto a playground
  • Vandal resistant and virtually no maintenance
  • Meets Healthy Schools Standards criteria and is backed by the Child Safety Foundation
  • Guaranteed to improve the quality of your playground and can be used as an outdoor classroom
  • Simple and non-intrusive expert installation
  • Very affordable
  • Children love them!

Tyre Parks, or any other play equipment, can be complimented with our all weather play surface.

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